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【Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub】THE HOOK UP - Vox x Valentino Comic Dub

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【Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub】THE HOOK UP - Vox x Valentino Comic Dub

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Angel accidentally TURNS UP THE HEAT on Vox and Valentino's romance - when these two fight, it gets HOT and SPICY quick~
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This is part 1, look for part 2 of this comic coming soon!

Art source:

Voice cast:
Angel: CourtJester42
Vox and Valentino: harryfahn

#VOX #Valentino #HazbinHotel

This comic dub is for all the Vox x Valentino shippers - many of you have been asking for us to do a hazbin hotel vox voice, and we are so excited to share our hazbin hotel vox and valentino video with you!

#hazbinhotel #vox #valentino

According to Viv, Vox and Alastor don't get along due to their opposing views on technology, with Alastor disliking anything invented after his death in the 1930's and Vox embracing new technologies.
Faustisse mentioned that Vivienne used music artists such as Skrillex and Knife Party songs, especially the song "Narcissistic Cannibal" to help herself create Vox's design.
Vivziepop's head canon voice actor for Vox would be Mark Hamill.
Vox doesn't have a specific favorite when it comes to his preferences for TV shows.
According to Vivziepop, Vox has eaten McDonald's before, therefore making himself think he is much better and more superior than Alastor, who died before the chain was founded.
From a live stream that Blitzo and Stolas were drawing pictures, the username by the name of "Radvelvetcakes" (monitored by Velvet herself) mentioned that Vox and Valentino recently broke up. She also mentioned this on an Instagram reply to Angel . This could possibly imply that Vox and Valentino were in a relationship. Further messages also from the live stream imply it as a romantic one, although this's yet to be confirmed.
The comments made by Velvet and Stolas made on one of Velvet and Stolas’ comments on Valentino’s Instagram post further supports the idea that the two are romantically involved.
Vox owns a pet hammerhead shark named Vark.
It's revealed in the Alastor Comic that Vox is the owner of a large company. It's also shown that he is the only person who can make Alastor swear, as when he hijacks the TV signal, Alastor, while shrugging it off, goes on a quiet swearing tirade about Vox.

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