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English conversation with subtitles | Hotel reservation

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English conversation with subtitles | Hotel reservation

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This is a video of an English conversation with subtitles. The dialogue is between two native speakers: A British businessman and an American hotel receptionist.

The daily life conversation takes place on the phone. - The British man calls a hotel in New York in order to book a room.

This video is good practice for esl students wanting to learn and improve their English conversation skills.

At the end of the phone call, I give a short vocabulary lesson to explain a few words and grammar points.

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Voice credits:
The American female voice-over was done by Katy Adelson, a very talented musician who has a YouTube channel at (Traditional Fiddle Music and Tutorials)

Photo credits by FreeDigitalPhotos.net: (done & copied up: )
“Cheerful Secretary Advising Her Client” by stockimages
“Woman Receptionist Talking Phone” by stockimages
“Executive Busy On Phone” by imagerymajestic

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